Lower commission home sales in Red Deer

And Blake King uses a powerful marketing P.L.A.N. so you get the best sale price on your home.

You’ll be better off with Blake King. When selling property he combines lower commission with exceptional marking and professional service. His powerful P.L.A.N. marketing system and its outstanding results provide remarkable value.

“With Blake King the commission conversation is easy and he loves the homeowner’s response when they learn how much they will save.”

pay less selling your home this year. Low commission and cash back to home buyers

We offer lower commission home sales and we combine it with our P.L.A.N. marketing system so you earn a better sale price and save more money.

We adhere to a business plan that avoids old ideas and unnecessary expenses to keep costs lower and pass commission savings on to you.

Big Earth Realty uses an extensive and powerful marketing system that, in addition to the MLS puts your home in front of thousands more potential buyers. And, in addition to saving and earning you more money, Big Earth makes a donation to local charities with each home we sell.

Get the best sale price and save on commission – with Big Earth Realty you’ll be better off!

*Our lower commission plan applies to listings anywhere in the Central Alberta, Calgary, and Edmonton areas.
*P.L.A.N. is our Property List Assist Network that places our listings in front of more buyers.

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Low real estate commission home sales in Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton. Save money buying a home and selling your home with Big Earth Realty.Add block

real estate commission savings
Buyers also save when using BigEarth.ca Realty. Click to learn more.

Blake’s Powerful Sales & Marketing P.L.A.N.

Every Realtor® lists their clients’ home on the MLS but shouldn’t they do more than that? In today’s world, your Realtor® should be using additional channels to project and market your home broadly.

Blake King’s exclusive Property List Assist Network TM (P.L.A.N. TM) maximizes your home’s visibility by marketing it through several different avenues. He catches potential buyers’ attention even beyond the MLS. Because, even though some people aren’t actively looking, if they see a property that interests them, it can encourage them to make a purchase. Blake King’s P.L.A.N. TM not only markets his listings in creative new ways but he also combines it with low commission.