About Blake King & Big Earth Realty

Saving clients money buying or selling in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Big Earth Realty is a thoughtful real estate company serving Red Deer and Central Alberta. We make buying and selling property more affordable with a focus on sustainability and giving back.

“We’re saving everyone a lot of money adhering to a business plan that avoids antiquated ideas and unnecessary expenses while using progressive techniques to sell homes at their best price.”
~ Blake King

real estate, land, life, oxygenAnother part of Big Earth Realty’s mission is giving back, and one of the ways is by planting trees. Our “1 home, 1 tree program” has us planting a tree for each home we sell. If you’re buying a home we’ll plant a tree in your new yard. If you’re selling your home we’ll plant a tree at your new home or plant a tree for the buyers as a housewarming gift…

Blake King and Big Earth Realty focus on earning you more when selling your home. If you’re considering the sale of your home let us present to you the important variables to consider and how our professional sales and marketing is a key to earning more on the sale of your home. Blake King also hosts Red Deer’s number 1 real estate news and information site www.HomeScope.ca