Blake King Realtor ®

Know what’s important when selling. The goal is to earn as much as possible on the sale while saving as much money through the process.

Most people enter real estate transactions with little understanding of variables that sell properties at the best price. Assuming every Realtor® provides the same service leads to most people hiring a family member or friend to sell their house or navigate through the purchase of their next home. Making a random Realtor pic will leave you paying more than you should for below average service. Contracting with just anyone to sell your home is like paying a stranger walking past your house $50/ hour to come in and babysit your kids.

More astonishing… most people think, when selling their home, the most important thing to do is find the cheapest Realtor®. On a transaction involving hundreds of thousands of dollars and probably your biggest asset, should you be searching the cheapest help??? Find a Realtor offering advanced sales and marketing at the best price.

The Big Earth Realty and Blake King focus on earning you more when selling your home. If you’re considering the sale of your home let us present to you the important variables to consider and how our professional sales and marketing is a key to earning the most on the sale of your home. Blake King also hosts Red Deer’s number 1 real estate news and information site