Offering affordable commission and extraordinary MARKETING!!!

There is more than one real estate company offering an affordable commission to sell homes in Red Deer and Central Alberta but that alone is generally the one-and-only thing that separates them.

Do lower commission real estate companies provide the same real estate services as full price real estate companies?

It’s possible that a low commission real estate company is offering fewer services at a lower price but generally, they offer the same services.

Do all low commission real estate companies offer the same services?

Services can vary from company to company but taking a close look you’ll find the main differences are commission rates and their caliber of marketing. Commission rates are always easy to compare, all you have to do is ask, but the caliber of a companies marketing plan is more difficult to gauge.

When hiring any real estate company you should ask about their marketing plan but asking is especially important if you’re hiring a lower commission company. With lower commission being most company’s main offering they may not be backing it up with much of a marketing plan.

Most real estate companies put their listings on the MLS, share them a bit on social media and consider that their marketing plan. But even if you’re hiring a lower commission real estate company, make sure the one you hire offers a solid and extensive marketing plan. There is one company in Red Deer offering just that.

save when selling your home in red deer and earn more money with Big Earth's marketing plan
With a company using a sophisticated marketing plan.

Of course, everyone wants to save as much money as possible and earn the highest price selling their home. To save more money hire a real estate company that offers full service at a lower commission rate. And to earn the best sale price hire a company with a high caliber marketing program that puts your home in front of the most potential home buyers.

Blake King’s real estate business is based on relationships, not transactions and there are two things I promise you…

• We continually search the Alberta real estate market to ensure our commission rate is as low as any other professional real estate company, and…

• Our marketing program is second to none. Blake King’s P.L.A.N. (property list assist network) and Marketing Engine puts your home in front of more buyers. Scroll below to see how Blake King’s Marketing Engine overshadows other marketing plans.